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How PSR Mechanical is Supporting Seattle’s Eco-friendly Goals

Published: February, 4 2016

Seattle has recently been recognized in national polls and studies as one of the greenest cities in the nation. With a nickname like “The Emerald City”, it makes sense that Seattle would be working hard to stay “green”. However, the benefits of keeping a city like Seattle ecologically friendly go beyond looking good.

The American Counsel for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ranked Seattle #5 in the nation with a score of 75/100 because of its commitment to continue strengthening efficiencies as a strategy for promoting economic growth, securing environmental benefits, and increasing their communities’ resources for exploring new energy sources.

Travel and Leisure rated Seattle #6 in the nation for eco-friendly living because of parks like Gas Works Park, on a former utility-company site, and buildings like the Hyatt. It showcased downtown’s Hyatt at Olive 8, as the first LEED-certified hotel in Seattle thanks to its living roof, water-conserving plumbing and automatic electricity shutoffs.

NerdWallet rated Seattle #9 in the nation saying, “Although the city’s gray skies limit use of solar energy, Seattle makes our list for its air quality, high residential density and commuters who walk and use public transit at above-average rates. In the Emerald City, 9% of workers walk to their jobs and 4% commute on a bike.”

What role do our commercial buildings play in this effort?

Like any active urban area, Seattle is host to hundreds of commercial facilities, from office buildings to hotels, utility plants to manufacturing, and everything in between.

These buildings – where so much of our population spends each work day – are among the busiest and most heavily used spots in the entire city and they have a tremendous impact on the environment. Commercial facilities can take the lead on supporting Seattle’s eco-friendly drive with infrastructure that reduces their impact on the environment, including taking advantage of:

  • Expedited permitting to green building projects.
  • An incentive zoning program that requires developers to provide public benefits to achieve greater height/density on their building site.
  • The Deep Green and Living Building Program, which allows land use departures for both residential and commercial construction that achieve green standards.

This is where PSR Mechanical can help.

PSR Mechanical’s eco-friendly energy services

As a member of the Service Logic family of companies, and one of Seattle’s leading HVAC service providers, PSR Mechanical is in an optimal position to help Seattle’s commercial facilities maintain or improve their interior environment while reducing their impact on the environment outside.

To accomplish this, we combine customized energy programs to optimize building efficiency with the latest technologies and nationally-recognized industry-leading programs (like Energy Star and the U.S. Green Building Council). This powerful combination allows us to maximize current operations while implementing a long term energy sustainability plan.

The end result for our clients – and the city of Seattle as a whole – is a comfortable facility conducive to maximum productivity, reduced operational costs, and a much friendlier environmental impact.

To learn more about any or all of these services, and how PSR Mechanical is working hard to support Seattle’s environmental goals, contact us to discuss today.

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