System Assessments

Assessing and Planning for the Best HVAC Maintenance Service and Peak Building Efficiency

PSR Mechanical helps customers plan and budget for the future by providing critical assessments of current HVAC equipment and maintenance service. 

From providing due diligence services for a property purchase or lease transaction, to owning/operating cost assessments to evaluate HVAC service programs, or from capital planning for future budgeting, to energy efficiency audits, PSR thoroughly evaluates what is working, detects gaps, reports deficiencies and recommends improvements to keep your facility operating at peak performance.  

Our ultimate goal is to reduce your financial risk and set a foundation for growth. Whether your unique situation includes understanding the operating condition, assessing system design suitability, returning equipment to full functioning order or improving energy efficiency, you can expect to receive a complete roadmap to achieve the best HVAC maintenance service and performance for your facility. 

Types of System Assessments:

Due Diligence Assessment

If you’re considering making a significant lease or purchase investment, let our skilled, journeyman service technicians evaluate the current operating condition of the existing HVAC or refrigeration equipment and controls. We provide detailed information about the facility’s HVAC assets and outline needed investments to bring systems to full operating condition. Our team can also assess the current system design and energy efficiency potential for your intended use. We custom-tailor our Due Diligence Assessment to meet your specific needs. Avoid unpleasant and expensive surprises, and engage in negotiations armed with solid information regarding system performance and deferred maintenance—consider a Due Diligence Assessment from PSR Mechanical today.

Owning/Operating Cost Assessment

Owning and operating costs associated with HVAC systems encompass maintenance, repair, replacement and energy costs, as well as HVAC-related such as indoor air quality, water damage or tenant dissatisfaction associated with poor HVAC performance. Our experts work with you to assess current expenses and then benchmark those costs against industry standards. Understand where you stand and what is possible—consider an Owning/Operating Cost Assessment from PSR Mechanical today.

Energy Audit Assessment

PSR uses the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) Level 1 energy audit process to evaluate the energy efficiency of all major systems impacting a building’s energy use, including HVAC, lighting, building envelope and building operations. Our audit includes a utility use appraisal to identify trends and potential problem areas. We also provide you with a comprehensive list of potential improvements, including relative costs and energy and operational savings ROI. Audits help to pinpoint how your facility uses energy and how energy efficiency can be improved through operational and capital investment—consider an Energy Audit Assessment from PSR Mechanical today.