PSR Mechanical's HVAC Services

PSR Mechanical is a privately held commercial HVAC services company serving building owners and operators throughout Puget Sound. Established in 1945, we have partnered with clients to deliver reliable mechanical services and improve efficiencies for over 70 years. 

Dedicated To Energy Efficiency

"Dedicated to creating and maintaining Seattle’s most efficient buildings" is more than a motto; it’s the way we do business. Every aspect of our industrial HVAC solutions are tied to the core goal of helping clients control the costs of owning and operating their facilities. From operational assessments to planned maintenance and energy optimization programs, our team always takes the extra step to make sure your building is operating at its best.

Client Focused

Every PSR Mechanical client, regardless of size, is treated with a level of professionalism rarely found in the industry. While our local presence has expanded through the years and been amplified through our affiliation with Service Logic, our success is based on a commitment to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. PSR Mechanical's portfolio includes a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

Team Driven

Our team of customer-centric individuals is made up of some of the most talented engineers, technicians and sales professionals in the industry. In fact, our technicians are so trusted that 90% of our business comes from long-term service customers who depend on PSR Mechanical to:

  • extend equipment life

  • reduce energy costs

  • prevent expensive repairs

  • reduce the risk of equipment downtime

All team members are continually trained on the latest technical and energy knowledge through industry-leading education program. While many of our employees have been with the organization for years, we are constantly sourcing the best and brightest talent available.

Technology Infused 

To provide our clients with best-in-class services requires outstanding business systems. PSR Mechanical’s enterprise platform includes a state-of-the-art service center providing customized tracking and tasking, VoIP Data, Accounting and CRM tools. In addition, we have the latest in engineering, estimating, energy modeling and project management tools. These resources coupled with our quality team of experts ensure consistent results.