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Optimizing Energy Efficiency And Tenant Comfort

"I wish all my vendors were as good as PSR."

Stephen ChandlerVerity Credit Union

The Challenge

  • Facility manager was getting continual complaints about the lack of comfort throughout the building.
  • The Energy Star rating of the building was 42, low for buildings of this type.


The Solution 

  • PSR used our Energy Sustainability Services (ESS) program to analyze the building's energy consumption and to develop a comprehensive list of solutions.
  • PSR redesigned the Direct Digital Control (DDC) system's sequence of operations for the HVAC equipment.
  • Morning warm-up issues were eliminated, dramatically increasing tenant comfort.



  • New Energy Star rating of 72, almost double the previous score.
  • Annual energy savings of $33,200.
  • Verity saw a four month payback and an ROI of 288%.
  • Not only has the comfort level increased, but the energy savings will keep contributing to future cash flows and cutting waste from the bottom line.


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