HVAC Maintenance

PSR Mechanical’s HVAC, refrigeration and controls maintenance services extend beyond a typical maintenance contract. Our proactive approach to equipment maintenance increases the life of systems, averting potential failures to protect your HVAC and mechanical equipment investments. 

Using one of the most comprehensive equipment databases in the industry, we build customized maintenance tasking for each piece of equipment, ensuring a comfortable, healthy and safe environment while maximizing efficiency and minimizing equipment downtime. Armed with real-time data and system-specific knowledge, PSR Mechanical guarantees your building receives the proper maintenance at the proper time.

Benefits of Planned Equipment Maintenance Services

We understand that mechanical systems are interactive, linked carefully together for optimized inoperability. However, with each component engineered to the manufacturer’s design, it can be challenging to gauge your facility’s overall operation and maintenance requirements. To eliminate both hassle and cost in piecing together a maintenance plan, our experienced HVAC technicians act as a single-source solution to:

  • Evaluate the age, condition and design application of systems

  • Provide detailed analysis of comfort-complaint issues while tracking trends

  • Identify impending problems in each piece of equipment

  • Rapidly repair and replace worn or questionable parts

  • Look for opportunities to improve efficiency through incremental upgrades

  • Maximize operational reliability and performance

Drawing from the best practices of leading organizations (IFMA, BOMA, EPA), all PSR service procedures and documentation follow industry guidelines to ensure compatibility with your facility’s processes. Parts and materials are always sourced for the quickest and most cost-effective delivery and application.

Types of Planned Maintenance Agreements

To meet the varying needs of our clients, we offer several types of planned maintenance programs:

Test and Inspect:

Designed to work in conjunction with in-house maintenance programs, our Test and Inspect program provides operational testing of your HVAC equipment, performed by an expert PSR technician, on either quarterly, semiannual or annual visits. Your in-house staff provides the basic maintenance tasks such as filter changes and cleaning—PSR scrupulously supplements and enhances staff efforts through rigorous operational testing and inspection. The result is a comprehensive program at the lowest possible cost.

Planned Maintenance:

Our Planned Maintenance programs provide basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning, filter and belt replacement, and coil cleaning. PSR also implements proactive maintenance testing and inspections to identify and correct issues before they impact system reliability and longevity. Options include comprehensive water treatment services for cooling towers and hydronic heating and cooling systems, as well as proactive controls maintenance, including remote monitoring for after-hours alarm and service response for critical environments.

Full-Service Maintenance:

With our Full-Service Maintenance program, virtually everything is covered—maintenance, operational testing, repair labor and materials, even after hours and weekend service calls. Full-service simplifies HVAC maintenance for the facility manager, and is often less costly overall than traditional, separate maintenance and repair services. Our Full-Service customers enjoy the freedom from HVAC worry, and aren’t concerned about added cost when a service call is necessary. PSR’s professional team of experts can perform a free owning and operating cost analysis to see if our Full-Service program makes sense for you. Take the first step to HVAC freedom with a no-cost analysis from PSR Mechanical.

Contact us to discuss an HVAC maintenance program designed to meet your needs